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Digital Twin & AI-powered Analytics to Dramatically Improve Warehouse Yield

Leeap Labs simplify warehouse operations with prescribe action recommendations based on predictable results. 

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Benefits Of The Product:

Predictive Analytics

Real-time Visibility

Intelligent Recommendations

Improve Operational Efficiency

Reduce Workflow Expenses

Optimize logistics operations by predicting demand and adjusting production and distribution patterns

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Our Digital Twin & AI-powered software is adaptive and can plug into any WMS/WES to provide unparalleled insights and optimize the decision-making over the complete life cycle of your warehouse. 


Our solution will unify pick/pack/ship demands with a 10% workforce cost reduction, and increase operational efficiency, and productive service levels.



Our Solution

Applying digital twin technology and modern AI-driven modeling techniques to improve omnichannel fulfillment and order management systems. 

Minimize wasted resources while meeting deadlines and on-time delivery expectations.

The Problem

Planning Stage -  Daily order volatility complicates capacity planning making workforce management a persistent challenge.

Execution Stage - Hourly fluctuations in pick, pack, and ship demands result in 20% wasted resources and unmet service levels

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Key Features

Prescribe intelligent recommendations for dynamic labor balancing based on real-time workers' performance and workflow

Real-time visualization of progress with the most accurate and agile digital twin and access risk prevention

Profitability and planning dashboard for budgeting purposes

Turning Adversity into Advantage

Optimizing the supply chain involves fine-tuning various operational modules.







Control Tower


Available soon

procurement supplier management
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Network Design


Prediction of completion time

​Real-time visualization of the progress status of each environment

Worker's performance evaluation using click & drop dynamic labor balancing across multiple work areas when and where to move to another location
Direct strategic plan to prevent bottlenecks

Top-tier profitability and revenue snapshot

Financial budgeting and reporting metrics

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