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Digital Twin & AI-powered Software for Transportation and Logistics Optimization

Leeap Labs streamline operations with load leveling and fleet management optimization to ensure efficient cargo distribution, reduce costs, and achieve optimal resource utilization and delivery precision.


Level Load Planning Benefits

Decrease Transportation Costs and CO2 Emissions

Reduce Overtime Labor Costs

Enhance OTIF and Customer Satisfaction

Maximize Truck Utilization

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Level Load Planning Capabilities

Granular Daily Rolling Forecasts for Shipment Volumes per SKU

3D Load Builder Capacity Estimates per Truck/Container Size

Optimize Truck Load Efficiency and Utilization without a Compromise on Service Levels

Advance Truck Bookings to Reduce Expedite Costs

Business Case Analysis to Minimize Expenses within Specified Requirements and Constraints

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Fleet Management Capabilities

Simplify Fleet Transportation Network Design Planning

Smart Scheduling including Time Windows and Travel Times from Facilities, Plants, & Distribution Centers

Disruption Avoidance Planning

Optimized 3PL Fleet Planning, Lane by Lane

Monthly planning based on demand forecast by day of the week

High precision financials results

Fleet Management Benefits

Decrease Planning Time

Lower Transportation Costs and CO2 Emissions

Enhance private fleet capacity utilization by minimizing empty miles.


Turning Adversity into Advantage

Optimizing the supply chain involves fine-tuning various operational modules.







Control Tower


Available soon

procurement supplier management
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Network Design

  • Which external supply chain signals do you incorporate?
    It comprises a blend of data sources, including weather conditions, traffic data, and national holidays, among other.
  • What type of data are required to use?
    This module within our platform offers integration with various systems such as ERP, TMS, SCP, and WMS, allowing it to effectively take data from these sources.
  • Is this a Transportation Management System (TMS)?
    It's not a standalone TMS (Transportation Management System). Instead, it's an additional technology that enhances and works alongside TMS, SCP (Supply Chain Planning), and often Excel.

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