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Digital Twin & AI-powered Software for Production Planning and Scheduling

Leeap Lab's production planning solution ensures your factory operates at its best. We balance throughput for key KPIs, optimize equipment utilization, and run 'What-if' simulations for precise production planning.


Benefits Of The Product:

Decreased manufacturing cycle times

Improved order fill rates for superior customer service

Lower production scheduling costs

Reduced operating expenses and enhanced profitability

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Scheduling Capabilities

Efficiently plan factory and capacity for dynamic production

Balance factory throughput for multiple KPIs (OTIF performance, lead times, inventory, equipment utilization) while respecting complex rules

Use 'What-if' simulations to evaluate scheduling impacts in demand-driven production

Facilitate planning and scheduling communication with auto-updates and easy drag-and-drop adjustments

Seamless integration with any MES

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Supply Planning Capabilities

Automate and streamline manual tasks with customizable analytics.

Easy integration with any ERP, S&OP, SCP, and inventory software for easy implementation.

Simulate to assess various plans for issue detection. 

Establishes a globally synchronized and collaborative plan to manage supply chain demand fluctuations

Consistently adjust the master plan to handle dynamic changes while balancing capacity and material constraints.

Supply Planning Benefits

Maximize profit while minimize opportunity loss

Reduce inventory and expedited shipping costs

Decrease time required to generate a functional and precise supply chain.

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Turning Adversity into Advantage

Optimizing the supply chain involves fine-tuning various operational modules.







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